Prescription Computer Glasses

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) usually happens to computer users that spend more than two hours on a computer per day. Symptoms include headaches, dry eyes, focusing difficulties, tired/burning eyes, blurred/double vision and neck strain.

The Cause of CVS

Our eyes respond best to solid black printed letters with clearly defined edges on a white background. CVS occurs when the eye looks at characters on a computer screen. Computer characters are different to those printed in that each character is brightest at the center with diminishing intensity toward its edge. This intensity drop makes our eyes drift from a sustained screen focus to a focus behind the screen. Hence, there is continuous involuntarily movement of our focus to a point behind the screen and a resultant muscular strain to regain focus back on the screen.

The CVS Solution

We provide prescription computer glasses that are designed to be worn when looking at a computer screen. These differ from reading glasses because they allow the wearer to focus on a computer screen, at arms length, further away than the normal reading distance. These glasses are specifically designed to overcome CVS.

Prescription VDU Glasses

We provide custom-made glasses to reduce the problem of CVS and these are manufactured by a technician with over 40 years in the optics business.


We use plastic lenses of standard refractive index. The lenses used for rimless glasses are made of polycarbonate for added strength. Lenses of higher index can be obtained if requested.


Our frames are selected with a number of parameters in mind. These are robustness of design, a wide variation of design styles and colours and general quality of build and appearance.

Tinted Computer Spectacles

We can also provide prescription tinted computer screen glasses with lens of four tint strengths in grey or brown.


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